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This category includes:

  • MEWP Demonstrator

For qualified operators to demonstrate pre-operational and safe operating procedure and the limitations of MEWPs to other operators.

4 candidates doing 2 categories each. A maximum of 8 tests are allowed in one day. Single category tests may also be accommodated if the course is not full, providing 8 tests are not exceeded overall.

All applicants must have satisfactorily completed a recognised Operator course in the machine categories for which a demonstrator licence has been applied.

(Note: The operator course can run consecutively.)

At the end of the course the Demonstrator will be able to:

  • Familiarise operators to use any machine, for which the demonstrator holds the appropriate licence, with characteristics of weight, height, width, length or complexity which differ significantly to the training they have received.
  • Demonstrate pre-operational and safe operating procedure and the limitations of MEWPs.

The course is split between a theory session in the morning and a practical session in the afternoon sessions including role-play sessions covering all aspects.

  • The pre-use checks and daily maintenance to be carried out prior to commencing work.
  • The correct and safe method of operating the specific machine.
  • The correct emergency procedures, capacities and limitations to enable safe operation.
  • Selection and use of fall protection equipment covering, as a minimum, anchorage points in platforms, harness standards, explanation of fall arrest, lanyard types, use and correct fitting, rescue procedures, current recommendations (HSE and IPAF H1).
  • An Introduction - Facilities, objectives, health and fitness statement, pre-theory test.
  • MEWP categories - Different types of MEWP and their description and other courses available.
  • PPE and harness statement - Different types of PPE required, harness statement.
  • Operator revision and responsibilities for familiarisation

  • Effective demonstration - How to get the information across, good communication, what is involved when conducting a familiarisation and the contents of a familiarisation.
  • Practical demonstration
  • Handovers - Different hire terms and condition; user responsibilities; defects, contracts and paperwork.
  • Demonstrator theory test - Individual written test with explanation of pass requirements.

* Failure means applicant will have to re-sit the course another day.

PAL cards are valid for 5 years

Successful candidates will receive a PAL Card (Powered Access Licence), a safety guide, a log book and a certificate.

The PAL Card is recognised worldwide across industries as proof of platform operator training to the highest standard.


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