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MEWP - Warren Access
16th August 2022
Your responsibilities as an employer when working at height

Make sure all work is properly planned, supervised, and carried out as safely as possible and by competent…

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3rd August 2022
All roof work is dangerous…

Roof workers account for 24% of all those who are killed in a fall from height - the…

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Ascendant van mounted platform - Warren Access
28th June 2022
Employee responsibilities when working at height

Most of the responsibility when working at height falls to employers but employees are responsible for their own…

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Harness Rear Attachment Point
7th June 2022
Reducing the risk of falling from height with PPE

According to the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) sudden movement is one of the leading causes of falls…

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Warren Access
4th May 2022
Why do I need training to work at height?

Would you know if your harness was unfit for use?

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IPAF harness training - Warren Access
29th March 2022
CLUNK CLICK! It’s your life, wear a Harness!

Naturally, we think it’s not worth taking this risk of not wearing a harness when using MEWPS, so…

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Genie scissor lift - Warren Access hire fleet
16th January 2022
How to complete a Working at Height Risk Assessment

A working at height risk assessment helps you identify and minimise potential risks to anyone who interacts with…

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MEWP - how to work at height safely
15th December 2021
How to work safely with MEWPs

When used properly, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) provide a safe method of working at height. But they…

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Ladder - when using a ladder is dangerous
26th November 2021
When using a ladder to work at height is dangerous

When needing to carry out work at height, ladders are often the first thought. Yet, despite their supposed…

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