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Tuesday 16th August

Your responsibilities as an employer when working at height

If you’re an employer, you’re responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of your employees. That means you must minimise risk in your workplace and protect employees from harm. In terms of working from height, this means adhering to the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Download a brief guide from the HSE website.

Employer responsibilities 

  • Ensure all employees have the correct certificates and are competent to carry out their work. That includes ensuring everyone receives appropriate instruction and familiarisation and understands potential risks and emergency procedures.
  • Assess each job and determine whether you need to work at height. If it’s possible to work from the ground, then do so. Where you need to work from height, take every precaution possible to prevent falls and, where there is a risk, use safety measures and equipment to limit the distance and consequences of falls.
  • Make sure all work is properly planned, supervised, and carried out as safely as possible by competent people. This includes selecting appropriate work at height equipment, emergency planning and making considerations for weather, among other factors.
  • Avoid employees having to pass across or work on or near fragile surfaces. Where this is not possible, use supports or protection to secure surfaces and safety equipment to reduce the risk and consequences of falls.
  • Where possible, avoid the potential of injury from falling objects by putting safety measures in place and by storing materials and objects out of the way.
  • Inspect all work at height access and safety equipment to ensure it is safe before use and ensure that all safety tests and inspections are complete and in date. Store all equipment safely and securely.
  • Ensure all places of work at height, including the surface, parapets and guard rails, are secure and safe before use.
  • Make sure employees know their responsibilities in regards to working from height. These include using equipment as instructed and as per manufacturer’s instructions, as well as notifying you or other management of any problems with equipment or potential hazards.

Do you need advice?

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