Wednesday 3rd August

All roof work is dangerous…

but you can lower the risk with a MEWP!

According to the HSE, a quarter of fatalities in the construction industry are due to roof work.  The main causes are falling over roof edges or through fragile roofs and roof lights.

It’s dangerous work, however long or short the job – even quick looks and small repairs require safety precautions!

What the HSE say about ladders

It is OK to use a ladder for work if a risk assessment shows it is safe to do so. But, as a guide, HSE says, “If your task would require staying up a leaning ladder or stepladder for more than 30 minutes at a time, it is recommended you use alternative equipment.

That said, how long the work will take is not a deciding factor. The level of risk is. If you cannot do a very quick task safely with a ladder, you need to look at other methods.

How a MEWP can help

MEWPs remain without question one of the safest and most efficient ways to undertake roof inspections and maintenance jobs.

Here are just some of their benefits. They:

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