IPAF harness training - Warren Access
Tuesday 29th March

CLUNK CLICK! It’s your life, wear a Harness!

Naturally, we think it’s not worth taking this risk of not wearing a harness when using MEWPS, so to help our customers stay safe, we both offer these for you to purchase from us and provide training for their safe use. It goes without saying that there’s a real risk of serious injury or death from being catapulted out of a basket in a boom-type platform and we’ve all seen plenty of examples online to prove this!

We run regular IPAF Harness Use & Inspection Courses in both Depots which enables you to inspect not only your harness but others in your company too so a lot of benefits for just 4 hrs of your time. The next dates are:

Newcastle – 14th April

Huntingdon – 21st April

All your harness needs covered

We stock a range of harnesses to suit all budgets, uses and prices. Our experts are on hand to help with your purchase and we will save you the hassle of remembering dates by reminding you when your next harness inspection is due.

Have any questions? Ask away!