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IPAF Rental+ Status - What it means to you


IPAF Rental+ is the independent quality mark for powered access hire companies. Awarded to qualifying companies by the industry's trade body and regulator, it marks out the recipient company as belonging to the top tier of hire providers so customers can be sure they will get the highest levels of service available.

IPAF is the International Powered Access Federation, a not-for-profit organisation established to promote safety and quality in the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and hire of powered access products (also known as MEWPS, aerial platforms and cherrypickers). IPAF set the minimum quality standards to obtain membership to their organisation and regularly audit members for compliance with their rules and approved procedures.

The IPAF Rental+ quality mark was established to recognise those companies who invest to provide standards even higher than the basic minimum acceptable standard required for regular IPAF membership. It shows customers that the company has been independently audited by an ISO 9001 lead auditor, within the last 12 months, to meet the most stringent standards of training, advice, equipment and customer satisfaction. These standards are industry-driven and self-regulating, set by an international committee of experienced access hire professionals.


With IPAF Rental+, you get complete reassurance at every stage of the hire process:

  • Companies that display the IPAF Rental+ sign always have knowledgeable booking staff. Training and competency levels of hire desk staff are checked by the IPAF Rental+ auditor at point of audit. Their thorough understanding of their fleet ensures you will get exactly the right platform you need for the job.
  • Staff’s knowledge of safety legislation and equipment will help you operate safely and legally on site. Staff training and competency levels are auditor checked against standards set out in the IPAF Rental+ guidelines.
  • All IPAF Rental+ centres use delivery drivers trained to demonstrator level. The quality of their handover familiarisation means you will get the most out of your machine right from the outset.
  • IPAF Rental+ centres provide certified platform operators with machines. Your platform will be operated safely and productively.
  • IPAF Rental+ staff - from full service and maintenance engineers to PDI inspectors - are all qualified to the required levels.
  • IPAF Rental+ companies are required to know where their machines are, making it easier to get the right platform to customers when needed.
  • All IPAF Rental+ centres subject their machines to PDI checking, condition monitoring and a thorough examination schedule.
  • The contract terms used by IPAF Rental+ members, generally IPAF’s own Terms and Conditions, conform to strict standards. You always get a fair deal.

In short, if you want to ensure that you will get the best value for money when hiring a machine to work at height, make sure that you choose a company that has achieved IPAF Rental+ status.

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