IPAF Demonstrator training.
Thursday 14th December

Warren Access IPAF FAQs

We receive many frequently asked questions that we wanted to share.

Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive for IPAF training:

Can I get the CSCS logo on my IPAF card?

Yes! Back in 2019 IPAF made an agreement with CSCS meaning that we can add the CSCS logo when we apply for your IPAF licence so you don’t have to carry around 2 licences.

Does the operator course include harness training?

The operator training enables you to operate MEWPs, however the operator course does touch on basic harness training such as how to put a harness on, adjust the harness and pre-use checks, therefore if you specifically need to inspect harnesses, you will be required to sit a full day Harness Inspection course.

Do I need a harness for my operator training?

If you are completing 3a Mobile Vertical you do not require a harness. When completing 3b Mobile Boom and/or 1b Static Boom training you must wear a harness when in the MEWPs.

Can IPAF training be done on site?

All IPAF training that we offer can be completed at your site our ours. We have site requirements which you would need to ensure you are able to fulfil in order to carry out the training at your site.

Why isn’t my PAL Card showing on the ePAL app?

This is simply because we need to process your training and release your licence.

I have a digital PAL Card through ePAL but now require a physical PAL Card.

That’s not a problem, we can order one for you.

If you have any questions or training requirements, please let us know.
0191 236 7120 or 01480 891 581.