IPAF Load Unload Course
Thursday 8th July

Who are IPAF?

The International Powered Access Association or IPAF for short is a not for profit organisation working to promote the safe use of powered access equipment. It’s owned entirely by its members, of which there are over 1,300 in 60 countries.

They provide technical advice, information, and support to members while also working to improve industry safety standards through their training programmes. They also influence industry legislation and standards.

You can find out more or become a member on their website – www.ipaf.org.

Why become an IPAF member?

Membership is open to everyone working with powered access equipment, whether manufacturer, distributor, rental company, training provider, contractor or end-user. You can see their membership options here.

As a member, you’ll have access to a wide range of services including access to experts and a technical hotline. You’ll also gain entry into a members-only area filled with useful information and sponsorship opportunities, to name just a few. Additionally, you’ll have access to British Standards online, a subscription to the magazine, Access International, and reduced rates for various industry-related services and subscriptions.

The importance of IPAF training

Working at height is a risky business and one of the main contributors to injuries and deaths at work. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their workers. That means making sure only competent people with appropriate certifications plan, supervise and carry out work at height. And, as the leading provider of high-quality training programmes, IPAF certifications are the ones to look for.

They don’t run training courses themselves though. They deliver training through a network of approved training centres, like us. Centres o through audits regularly, so you can be sure that the training is of a high standard.

On completion of a course, you’ll receive a logbook, certificate, safety guide, and Powered Access Licence (PAL) card. The PAL card provides proof of training and you can verify certifications easily on the IPAF website.

Warren Access and IPAF

At Warren Access we are customer-focused and safety-conscious. We offer a variety of IPAF-approved training courses, available at your premises countrywide or in one of our state-of-the-art training centres, located in Huntingdon and Newcastle.

Conduct your IPAF training with us and rest assured that you’re not only meeting your health and safety responsibilities as an employer but also that your employees have the knowledge and skills to work at height safely.

View or book our IPAF training courses using the links below:

A CITB Approved Training Organisation

We are a CITB Approved Training Organisation. That means, if you train with us, you can save money by taking advantage of CITB training grants.

If you’re not sure which course you need or would like some advice, contact us. We’ll talk through your needs, whether that is one-off training for one employee, group training, or regular courses.