Warren Access team at Vertikal Days 2022
Friday 13th May

Vertikal Days 2022

Rain or shine, the team had a fantastic time!

And that is a wrap for Vertikal Days 2022. The team went down together to catch up with friends and see what’s new in the industry.

Day 1 – the day the rain came

It was a rainy day on day one of Vertikal Days. We all got soaked and felt so sad for all the exhibitors who committed to being there again this year. Still, a fun day was had by all.

Vertikal Days 2022 with Warren Access

Day 2 – the sunny one

Day two at Vertikal Days, and the sun returned! We had a fantastic day; networking with everyone at the show was great. Well done, and thank you to everyone that was involved in organising this cracking event.

Vertikal Days day 2