Towers On Stairs PASMA Training
Tuesday 12th April

NEW courses on offer at Warren Access!

Complete your PASMA Towers on Stairs with us!

We are so happy to say that you can now complete your PASMA Towers on Stairs training with us. We are always on the lookout for ways we can increase our offerings to you, whether it is upgrading our premises, expanding our fleet, or adding new courses, so we are super excited to add this to our repertoire. Our first course ran successfully in March, and we have the next scheduled for the 20th May in Newcastle.

What does the course involve?

PASMA Towers on Stairs teaches you how to safely build and use stairway towers. It builds on the PASMA Towers for Users course and teaches you:

  • how to assemble, dismantle and alter stairway towers
  • how to inspect stairway towers
  • to identify hazards and mitigate risk 
  • What legislation, regulations and guidance apply to stairway towers

Is this the course for me?

To be able to register for this course, you need to have completed your PASMA Towers for Users course. See our new dedicated course page for details or give us a call; one of our friendly team will be happy to advise you or book your place!

Our first candidates in action