Mobile scaffold tower - EN1004
Wednesday 19th October

Q&A: EN1004

And why you should always look for the EN1004 logo when choosing a scaffold tower!

EN1004 is the European product standard for mobile access towers. To comply, towers must meet a set of criteria that include features such as materials, dimensions, and design loads.

Why choose an EN1004 tower?

There will always be risks when working at height, and falls are one the biggest cause of fatal accidents at work. Using the right equipment is one way of reducing risk, and EN1004 towers conform to minimum safety standards. If you are using an EN1004 tower, you know you are using equipment that is up to the job. Towers that fail to conform may be missing vital safety elements.

How do you know if a tower conforms to EN1004?

It will be marked with the EN1004 label.

What are the main features of an EN1004 tower?

EN1004 towers have:

  • Built-in access so you can climb up and down safely.
  • Safe trapdoor to prevent falls from height.
  • The right size and number of stabilisers to keep the tower steady and prevent overturning.
  • Guardrails with the right gaps and dimensions to prevent a fall.

What changed in 2020?

EN 1004-1:2020 is active now, and here is what changed.

  • It now covers all towers, including those below 2.5 m which were previously excluded.
  • It includes new safety measures:
    • The distance between platform levels is smaller (max. 2.25m, down from 4.2m).
    • The distance from the ground to the first platform is shorter (max. 3.4m, down from 4.6m).
    • New measures are in place to prevent castors from falling out.
    • A need to secure platforms at both ends, so they don’t move in the wind.
    • Updated guidance for manufacturers on wind and gust loads.
  • There is more freedom for manufacturers to devise new products, so there is more innovation potential.
  • An updated instruction manual is in progress, to be released in the future.

How can I find out more?

For more information, follow the below links:


The 2020 changes and EN1004-1:2020