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Monday 3rd October

5 top tips for working at height near roads

Check out IPAF's street smart campaign - https://www.ipaf.org/en-gb/resource-library/street-smart

Working at height is dangerous wherever you are. Working near roads, however, comes with extra hazards – traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, to name a few. So, in line with IPAF’s street smart campaign, we thought we’d look at how to safely work at height near roads.

5 top tips for working at height near roads

  1. Preparation is key. Working near or on roads requires permission and permits, so you need to plan. Carry out specific traffic and road-related risk assessments, taking into consideration ground conditions, work requirements, MEWP transport and positioning and needs of road users.
  2. Think visibility. When it comes to working near traffic, visibility is essential. That means ensuring your work area is well lit, that all workers have and wear hi-vis PPE, and that signage is in obvious locations and not covered or hidden. Also, watch out for driver blind spots and put correct provisions in place to accommodate any possible issues.
  3. Organise traffic management. Working on or near roads requires traffic management, and you need to work in accordance with the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) 1991. Enlist a competent person to set up proper provisions such as road and lane closures, traffic diversions, permits, signage, cones, traffic lights, barriers, and pedestrian walkways.
  4. Set up exclusion zones. Ensure the safety of workers and the public by making sure the general area around the MEWP is safe from possible accidents, especially falls of equipment or workers. That means setting up appropriate exclusion zones and ensuring that no one walks or drives under a MEWP. Important note: consider the heights of vehicles that could pass when thinking about working height.
  5. Load and unload the MEWP safely. Safety always applies; it’s not just relevant while working. Think about the best way to load and unload the MEWP on site and put traffic management in place. Watch for any possible obstructions, overhead and underfoot, and make sure there is enough space to manoeuvre.

How Warren Access can help

If you are planning a job near roads and would like further advice or to hire suitable MEWPs, our experienced team are happy to help. Give them a call today – Newcastle: 0191 236 7120; Huntingdon: 01480 891 581 – or visit our website.