IPAF Andy Access toolbox talk and poster - MEWP ground rescue
Thursday 10th June

New IPAF Andy Access toolbox talk and poster out now

Are you ready for a MEWP Ground Rescue?

The latest addition to IPAF’s Andy Access toolbox talk and poster series focuses on MEWP ground rescue.

Andy Access

IPAF’s Andy Access series is a fantastic resource for everyone who uses a MEWP. They focus on some of the main safety concerns around working at height using MEWPs and work to communicate key messages in a clear and easy to understand way. Each campaign in the series consists of a downloadable poster and toolbox talk guidance.

MEWP Ground Rescue

The latest campaign focuses on carrying out a safe and effective rescue from the ground. It stresses the importance of making sure the ground rescue person is familiar with ground and emergency controls and also the need for practice. Emergency situations are stressful and, often, the quicker you react the better the outcome. Knowing how to operate the MEWP make and model you are using and what to do when something goes wrong will make a big difference in how quickly you react.

Download the resources here: IPAF.org