Warren Access - tree work in Newcastle
Thursday 10th June

Working in the trees with Warren Access

We'll get you where you need to be safely, efficiently and cost-effectively

Are you looking for a MEWP to carry out routine or emergency tree work? Our fleet of access platforms are ideal for work high up in the canopy and are available for operated or platform-only hire today.

Head on over to our hire pages to see our full range, give us a call on 0191 236 7120 (Newcastle) or 01480 891 581 (Huntingdon) or read on to find out more.

Provide safe and efficient access to the trees

When appropriately used, MEWPs are one of the safest and most efficient ways of working at height. They provide a stable platform for operator and tools and can be quick and easy to set up and operate.

With one of our MEWPs, you will be able to reach the top of trees with minimal effort and without the need for climbing.

Enable access to challenging locations

With our extensive hire fleet, with have MEWPs suitable for a range of jobs and environments. We also offer site surveys and have the expertise and experience to help you choose the right platform for your tree work and to overcome access challenges safely.

Our CTE 21.3JHL truck-mounted platform, for example, is easy to use, with intuitive and straightforward controls. It has a working height of 21m, is compact and benefits from zero tail swing. You’ll be able to work safely on tall trees next to roads and in live traffic situations. You can also drive it on a standard UK driving licence.

Our Hinowa LL 17.75m Spider lift, on the other hand, is compact and able to pass through gates into blocked off gardens and to work in confined spaces other platforms can’t. It is also a safe access option in areas with uneven or soft terrain. It has a 17 m working height, a 7.5m horizontal reach and an SWL of 230kg which is available at all points in working envelope. You’ll be able to reach exactly where you need.

A trusted hire company that puts safety first

While MEWPS are a safe work at height option, accidents do happen and, according to IPAF, statistics show that one in five fatalities linked to MEWPs involves tree work. It’s vital therefore to put safety first and to ensure you follow all essential health and safety measures, outlined in these two documents from the HSE and IPAF, as well as in the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

When it comes to working at height, you need someone you can put your trust in.  Hiring from a reputable hire company that puts safety first is one way to ensure you hire the most suitable platform for every job you do as well as making sure it is well maintained and working optimally.

Established in 1993, we are a family-owned business with decades of industry experience. We are IPAF Rental+ accredited, assuring you that we meet the rigorous standards set by IPAF for training, equipment, and customer care.

Hire from us and benefit from:

  • A personal approach to customer service
  • Friendly, expert guidance to ensure your job runs smoothly
  • Free site surveys where required
  • Complete range of top quality, well-maintained equipment
  • The option of operated hire with fully-trained and experienced operators
  • Expert backup support should you need it at any time during the hire

We are based in Newcastle and Huntingdon and are available to help with emergencies as well as routine tree maintenance jobs, contact one of our Depots today to arrange your hire.