IPAF Training Practical on Niftylift HR12 - Warren Access
Wednesday 4th November

The benefits of IPAF and PASMA eLearning

Train at your own pace from the comfort of your home

Since restarting our training programs after the first Covid-19 lockdown, IPAF and PASMA eLearning has really taken off, and it’s been working very successfully so far.  More and more candidates are opting to complete their theory sessions from home, and here we look at why.

IPAF Training Practical candidates - Warren Access Newcastle

What are the benefits of eLearning?

eLearning has many benefits, especially at the moment when social distancing and minimising interaction with others is so crucial to managing Covid-19.

Convenient and flexible

You can complete theory elements from home in your own time and on a range of devices. There is no need to leave the house and you can work it around your work or family. For some courses, you may still need to visit one of our testing centres for practical elements but we have plenty of courses running and you have 45 days for IPAF and 90 for PASMA.

Away from the classroom

Completing the theory elements at home reduces the time you need to spend in our training centres so there is less chance of spreading or contracting Covid-19. We have measures in place to minimise the spread and social distancing is in place throughout our centres – find out more in our Covid-19 policy. We are confident that we are being as safe as possible, but completing theory elements at home reduces the risk further.

Interactive and engaging

The online theory elements are of the same high standard as the more traditional in-person learning. The content has been produced by professionals and is engaging, interactive and enables you to check your understanding as you go along.

What eLearning courses can I do?

IPAF and PASMA currently offer eLearning for the following courses:

IPAF eLearning courses:

  • MEWPs for Managers
  • MEWP Operator

PASMA eLearning courses:

  • Towers for Users
  • Low-Level Access

Depending on the course, you may need to attend one of our training centres for theory tests and practical elements. The MEWPs for Managers course is all online. Find out more.