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Friday 29th July

Back to Basics!

6 potential hazards to avoid according to IPAF

Here at Warren Access, our customers know that we are passionate about encouraging the safe use of all machines whilst working at height. We also recognise the importance of all operators having suitable training and familiarisation before using access machines.

The ‘Back to Basics’ campaign launched by IPAF in 2018 reminds us that Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) are designed to provide safe access for temporary work at height – but they are only a safe option if the work is planned and managed appropriately.

The campaign identifies six potential hazards that workers need to consider before starting work.

Ground conditions

It is important to assess the ground conditions before starting work to make sure you choose the right MEWP for the job and put in appropriate control measures.


Reduce the chance of crushing by identifying and avoiding all potential obstacles within the MEWP’s working area. Also, consider travelling to and from work sites.

Unauthorised use

Workers must have the correct training and qualifications to operate a MEWP. Prevent unauthorised use by leaving the machine in a safe location with the key removed when not in use.

On-site risks 

Always conduct a full risk assessment before starting work. This is the responsibility of the user and should be completed by someone with the correct training.


Avoid the possibility of electrocution by keeping MEWPs away from power lines.

Machine faults

Always conduct pre-use checks before using a MEWP and never use a machine if you find a fault and it is unsafe to do so.

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