PASMA release TowerSure App
Tuesday 29th November

PASMA release TowerSure App

Tower inspection is now easier than ever!

Exciting news for scaffold tower users, PASMA has released a new App that makes managing and inspecting mobile scaffold towers easier and safer. TowerSure consolidates all information into one place and provides access to everyone who needs it, so no details get lost in transit.

What does the TowerSure App do?

The App has many features, including:

  • Inspection checklists.
  • PASMA competence checks.
  • The ability to save and share tower inspection records with others.
  • Photos and information about all towers on your sites.
  • Reinspection reminders.

Once you register and set up TowerSure, you will receive labels with QR codes that you can attach to all your towers. Workers can then scan the code to find out when the last inspection was, who inspected it and, importantly, whether the tower is safe to use.


More information on the PASMA TowerSure App and how to use it is available on PASMA’s website.