IPAF ePAL App launching in April this year
Monday 15th March

IPAF launches new ePAL App

On the 13th of April, IPAF is launching its new ePAL App. Through the app, candidates will be able to access their digital PAL card, logbook, and safety guides. 

The ePAL App takes the place of plastic PAL cards and paper documentation. All candidates who pass their IPAF training after this date will receive their licence digitally through the App. They will, however, also have the option for hard copies of their certifications if they need them. They will also have access to the latest in safety information and best practice to help them be safer in their workplace.

Convenient for operators and employers

The ePAL App is a great step forward for the industry. Bringing all documentation together into one app makes it easier for candidates to manage their training and also employers to check validity. Sharing has also never been easier –  licences, qualifications and practical experience can be sent to others straight from the app. No paper trail needed!

Safe and secure

ePAL gives peace-of-mind to operators and employers. Digital PAL Cards are fraud smart and also benefit from the extra security provided by mobile phone log-in measures. 

Supports sustainable change

Replacing paper and plastic documents and licences with electronic ones also supports IPAFs drive for sustainability.