IPAF Harness Course at Warren Access
Thursday 6th April

Changes to IPAF Harness course

You now have three options to choose from - Harness Awareness, Harness User and Harness Inspection

As of the 1st of April 2023, IPAF’s Harness Use and Inspection course has changed. Rather than one course covering theory, use and inspection, candidates now have three options depending on what level of training they need.

IPAF harness training courses

Which course do I need?

The three harness courses on offer are:

  • Harness Awareness (HA)
  • Harness User (HU)
  • Harness Inspector (HI)

Harness Awareness is the starting point. It is essential for anyone undertaking any level of harness training and is sufficient for those who don’t personally use a harness but will plan, manage or supervise the use of a harness in a MEWP. This can be completed in person at our training centre or online via eLearning.

To attend the Harness User course, candidates must first complete the HA course. This half-day course is essential for anyone who will personally use a harness in a MEWP and is sufficient for people who will use a harness but not conduct statutory inspections on behalf of an organisation.

The Harness Inspection course is for those who conduct safety inspections of harnesses. Candidates need to have passed the HA and HU courses first. Alternatively, all three courses can be completed in one full-day course at our training centre.

Harness training at Warren Access

We are an IPAF-approved training centre and offer all three harness courses at our depots in Newcastle and Huntingdon.

The options we have on offer are:

  • HA only – eLearning available
  • HA + HU – a half-day course in person at one of our depots
  • HA + HU + HI – a full-day course in person at one of our depots

For more information on our training courses, see our training pages or, to learn more about IPAF and training updates generally, visit their website.