PASMA Towers for Users course at Warren Access
Wednesday 11th March

Top hazards associated with mobile access towers

Mobile scaffold towers offer an efficient solution for working at height.. With the correct training, they are straightforward to assemble, dismantle, and move around. They are a safe stable platform for work inside and out.

As with any work at height, though, there is always risks. Read on to find out our top hazards associated with mobile access towers.

1. Falling from the platform

Reduce the risk by always using the tower properly, utilising guardrails and only climbing up and down via the stairs.

2. The tower collapsing or falling over.

Reduce the risk by assembling the tower correctly as per the manufacturer’s instructions, never exceeding the maximum height or weight limits. Stop using the tower if you find something wrong and encourage all workers to raise problems instantly.

3. Unintentional movement of the tower.

Reduce the risk by ensuring the tower is on level ground and secure with the wheels locked and outriggers in place if needed.

4. Objects falling from the tower.

Reduce the risk by keeping all tools tidy are secure and not leaving them where they could fall or be knocked off.

5. Contact with overhead obstructions.

Reduce the risk by conducting a thorough risk assessment before starting work, knowing your work area, and making sure the area is free of obstructions before moving the tower.

6. Injuries to workers during assembly or dismantling.

Reduce the risk by ensuring all workers have the proper training and follow instructions. Use the correct safety gear and plan for regular breaks so that workers are fit for work.

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