working at height in winter
Wednesday 10th February

Tips for staying safe while working at height in winter

Working at height in winter? Stay safe with these seven tips.

Have a decent breakfast

We use more calories when we are cold. If you’re outdoors and working at height in winter, start your day with a good breakfast and also remember to take lots of breaks to refill and keep your energy levels up.

Keep warm and dry

Working at height outdoors, you’re exposed to the elements. Layer up and wear appropriate PPE to keep your toes warm and reduce the risk of hyperthermia.

Check for signs of weather damage

While access platforms, PPE and safety equipment are made for outdoor use, there is still potential for wear and tear and weather damage. Always store them properly after use, keep them clean and dry and carry out pre-use checks to make sure they are in full working order.

Mind your feet

Slips, trips, and falls are a risk any time of the year but particularly so in winter. Always clear snow and ice from the work area, including access platforms and ladders, watch your footing while walking around, and also make sure there are no hidden obstacles that could pose a risk for an access platform.

Ground conditions

Ground conditions can change quickly, particularly with unpredictable weather. Check the ground conditions before starting work and ensure you have all precautions, such as spreader plates if required, in place to avoid platforms slipping or toppling over even if conditions change.

Add extra lighting

With winter comes shorter days and nights. If working in lowlight, add extra lighting for good visibility, wear high visibility clothing and pay attention to blind spots where accidents can occur.

Be flexible

There’s a good chance that winter weather will interfere with your plans at some point. Keep an eye on the forecast, be flexible and always put health and safety first. Stop the job if conditions make it unsafe to work and come back to it when it is safe to do so.

If you need advice or help with any aspect of your work at height, get in contact. We have a range of access platforms available for operated or self-drive hire and IPAF and PASMA courses running throughout December.