Hire an electric scissor lift from Warren Access
Friday 4th November

Why hire an electric scissor lift?

The compact, fume-free, quiet solution to your work at height needs

Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, in a wide-open space or a confined area, an electric scissor lift could be for you. They are compact, have a tight turning circle and are easy to move from location to location. But if you need more persuading, here are a few more reasons you need to hire an electric scissor lift!

Benefits of an electric scissor lift

There are many reasons why you may decide to hire an electric scissor lift over a diesel one; for example, they:

  1. Are fume free. Relying on batteries rather than diesel means you can use electric scissor lifts indoors without worrying about pollution, fumes or setting up suitable ventilation. This saves time and reduces your prep time; it’s also more environmentally friendly.
  2. Produce less noise pollution. Electric scissor lifts are quieter than their diesel counterparts, meaning you can work without worrying about noise or causing a disturbance to those around you.
  3. Reduce the fire risk. The absence of diesel means there is less risk of fire, and you don’t need to carry out Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) procedures for fuel, which saves you time.

Why hire from Warren Access?

Here at Warren Access, we have a whole fleet of work at height equipment for hire, including a range of electric scissor lifts. We’re customer-focused and safety-conscious; we provide a cost-effective straightforward experience.

All our procedures are of the highest standard, as verified by our IPAF Rental+ status. We go through yearly audits and are monitored by the industry’s trade body. Hire from us, and you’ll get:

  • Friendly, expert guidance to ensure your job runs smoothly
  • Free site surveys where required
  • Top quality, well-maintained equipment
  • Fully trained and experienced operators, if required
  • Employer’s and public liability insurance cover to £10 million

Browse our website for more information or call us today on 0191 236 7120 (North East) or 01480 891 581 (East Anglia) and let us guide you through the hiring process from start to finish.