Working safely at height with a MEWP - dos and don'ts when working at height
Thursday 20th May

Top 5 dos and don’ts when working at height

Quick and simple tips to stop you becoming an HSE statistic.

There are many factors to consider when working above ground level, but here are our top five dos and don’ts when working at height to keep you safe and productive.

The dos of working at height…

  1. Conduct as much work as possible from the ground and only work at height when necessary.
  2. Assess all risks before starting work and plan appropriately, including for emergencies. The more you prepare, the less likely things are to go wrong.
  3. Make sure everyone working at height is competent and has the correct training, including familiarisation of the specific models they are using on-site.
  4. Use the most appropriate access and safety equipment for the job and ensure you maintain and store it properly. See our range here and speak to us if you would like advice or to arrange your hire.
  5. Carry out pre-use checks on all equipment and make sure everything is working properly before you start work.

And the don’ts

  1. Use any work at height equipment if it is broken or damaged.
  2. Get complacent and cut corners; it leads to accidents. Make sure everyone follows procedures and uses equipment as they should.
  3. Work if not fit to do so, for example, if you are tired, ill, over-stressed or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Exceed equipment limitations, including people and weight limits and wind restrictions.
  5. Allow work to continue if you notice something unsafe – speak up and stop the job!

Want to know more? We are work at height specialists with 30 years experience in the industry – we can help with all your needs. Whether you are looking for IPAF or PASMA training, access platform hire or advice on how to reach that troublesome spot on-site, our experts are on hand to help with any queries you may have – speak to them today.