Andy Access posters
Friday 20th August

Staying safe with Andy Access

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IPAF’s Andy Access Campaign is a brilliant way of illustrating and promoting the safe use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

If you have trained recently with us you’ll have seen some of these posters in our Training room and hangars! For example, IPAF’s  ‘Danger Keep Well Clear’, Access Andy Poster shows just how easy it is to be struck by a MEWP and be seriously injured. Here are some other tips inspired by Andy Access:


Inspecting your MEWP prior to use is vital in order to ensure it is safe to operate. This includes all working parts, power source, structure and vehicle mounting. Always carry out a pre-use inspection.


All round observation is vital when operating a MEWP in order to avoid obstructions. Always be aware of potential crush hazards overhead.


One of the biggest risks when using a boom-type platform is being thrown from the basket. To minimise the risk, fall prevention equipment is vital. Always attach your lanyard in boom-type platforms.


Did you know an object weighing just 1kg falling from a height of 10.6m has enough force to break through a hard hat and cause fatality? Be aware of falling objects when working in a mobile elevated platform.


The basket is for elevating people, tools and equipment – never lift large objects with the basket or boom.

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