Warren Access sponsor Pete Lucock of the Newcastle Falcons
Monday 9th January

Pete Lucock takes to the skies in cherrypicker!

One of the best things about our work is getting out and about in our local community and working with other local companies and clubs, one of which is the Newcastle Falcons. We have worked with them for years, helping with all their maintenance at height, whether that is collecting balls from the roof, fixing floodlights or providing access for building work.

We are also a proud sponsor of player Pete Lucock, who we were happy to hear is having a fantastic season so far – here he is in action (photo courtesy of the Newcastle Falcons).

And here Pete Lucock is taking to the skies in our cherrypicker. We had a great day introducing him to our access equipment and giving him a unique view of the grounds from 25m up in the air. View the full video on Facebook.