Warren Access spider lift providing access for new build snagging work
Monday 23rd January

Need help with new build snags?

We have a platform for every snag

Do you have new build snags that need fixing? If the issues are outside and at height, then our cherry pickers may be just what you need.


Cherry pickers are mobile so offer an efficient solution to snagging work in new-build estates.

Many of our platforms are drivable on a standard UK driving licence, so you can easily move between properties, and they are quick to set up and take down. That means you can fix multiple issues without fuss and without losing valuable time going between houses.


Assuming they are used correctly, MEWPs are a safe solution for working at heights. They get workers and tools where they need to be without the need to assemble scaffold towers, climb or lift equipment. Workers remain safe within the protected cage while working, and they benefit from inbuilt safety devices that ensure workers are protected should an accident occur.

Available for self-drive or operated hire

Our cherry pickers are available for self-drive ore operated hire from our depots in Newcastle and Huntingdon. With operated hire, we take over everything for you, providing the platform as well as insurance, fully qualified operators and a free site survey if required.

Wide range of applications

With our range of cherry pickers, we can accommodate an array of snags.

Our Hinowa 17.75 spider lift is particularly popular with housebuilders. It fits through a single doorway for easy access to rear gardens, it has a flat bottom cage that gets you up close for roof work, and it can work on uneven ground.

The working height is 17m, horizontal reach is 7.5m, and a safe working load of 230kg. See our website for more information or to arrange your hire:

Newcastle: 0191 236 7120   newcastle@warrenaccess.co.uk

Huntingdon: 01480 891 581   huntingdon@warrenaccess.co.uk