Travelling - 17m Hinowa Lightlift Tracked Access Platform
Wednesday 13th July

Is your job difficult to access?

The Hinowa 17.75 Spider lift may be just the solution you are looking for...

  • So, what’s so good about this machine..?
  • What can a spider do that other platforms can’t..?

The Hinowa 17.75 Spider lift is solid, stable and dependable.  Some of its key features are:

  • Just 0.8m wide for single doorway access (with cage removed).
  • Full height and reach with 230kg load
  • Option for diesel or electric for quiet, fume-free indoor use
  • Automatic two-speed travel control and a maximum travel speed of 3.5km/h when conditions allow

It is a perfect tool for almost any job, and it can:

  • fit through a standard doorway
  • be used indoors as well as outdoors
  • be used on uneven terrain
  • be used on inclines
  • be used on grassed areas

Take a look at the machine in action…

For further information, contact us on:

Newcastle: 0191 236 7120

Huntingdon: 01480 891 581