Warren Access work with MagPas Air Ambulance
Wednesday 31st May

Emergency work for MagPas Air Ambulance

Our truck mounted platform was on hand to help access a broken windsock

Last week, we received a last-minute request to help Magpas Air Ambulance access the top of their hangar to resecure their windsock. We were happy to oblige and sent our operator, Gary, along with one of our truck-mounted platforms to get the job done. Here’s what he had to say:

We were called to see if we had a truck available to assist with access to MagPas Air Ambulances windsock as it was not sitting correctly. We attended the site and set the machine up to allow them to get to the windsock, which they removed as one of the straps had snapped. Firstly, we tried attaching harness lanyards to the windsock to refit it as they are moving to their new premises within the next couple of months, but unfortunately, there was too much weight at one end, so they had to order a new one on an overnight delivery as it is needed for the pilots for landing etc. We then attended the site when the new one arrived for them to fit.

Do you need emergency access?

While much of our work is planned in advance, we are always ready to help in an emergency, whether a tree damaged in a storm or a broken roof. Whatever your last-minute work at height request, get in touch as MagPas Air Ambulance did, and our team will do everything they can to help you.

Newcastle: 0191 236 7120    newcastle@warrenaccess.co.uk

Huntingdon: 01480 891 581    huntingdon@warrenaccess.co.uk