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Train with the Working at Height specialists!

Warren Access are one of the UK’s leading specialists in Work-at -Height training, both for powered access training (MEWPS / cherrypickers / scissor lifts) and for alloy tower scaffolding. We are approved IPAF training and PASMA training providers and offer courses at customers premises all over the UK as well as our own fully equipped facilities in North East England and Cambridgeshire.

If you or your employees operate powered access equipment or use alloy towers, whether owned by you or hired in, appropriate training to a verified standard is vital. This not only protects your operator’s personal safety and that of other site users / bystanders but will also prevent costly damage to equipment and property. It could even prove valuable to demonstrate that every possible safety precaution was taken should any incident occur when carrying out work on site.

Remember also that under the Health & Safety at Work Act and The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1988 (PUWER), the Employer has a legal obligation to ensure that employees have been given adequate training.

About IPAF eLearning

IPAF's eLearning provides a flexible and enhanced online learning experience for mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) operator and MEWPs for Managers training programmes. It provides the same high-quality theory training as you’d receive in our classroom and can be completed on your own device, anytime, at your own pace. 

The course is suitable for all abilities, from those no prior knowledge or experience through to operators seeking to renew their PAL Cards or to qualify to operate other categories of MEWPs.

What are the key benefits versus the classroom-based theory?

  1. It’s flexible
  2. Candidates can complete the theory part anywhere, anytime, at their own pace
  3. It’s interactive
  4. It engages candidates with quizzes, games, videos and interactions

MEWP Operator eLearning 

IPAF’s eLearning for MEWP operators is available for all MEWP categories (1a, 1b, 3a, 3b) and takes from around three hours to complete, depending on levels of MEWP knowledge. The eLearning module is divided into manageable sections that candidates can complete at their own pace. 

MEWP operator eLearning does not replace practical training. Upon completion of your eLearning pre-theory test the candidate must pass a supervised theory test at our IPAF-approved training centre. They must also successfully complete a minimum of a half-day of practical training and testing before you are issued with a PAL Card as proof of your qualification of IPAF operator training.

How to start eLearning training: 

  1. Contact us to register for IPAF MEWP Operator eLearning training. 
  2. We will send an email inviting the canddate to begin their eLearning module. 
  3. At the end of the eLearning module, an online pre-theory test will need to be completed.
  4. Once the pre-theory online test via eLearning has been passed, contact us again and schedule your theory test, practical training and assessment which will take place in person at our training centre.* 

*Due to the corona virus crisis, candidates now have up to 90 days (usually 45 days), from the date of completion of theirr pre-theory eLearning test to attend our training centre in order to take their supervised theory test, practical training and assessment modules. This timeframe will be monitored by IPAF in line with latest developments. 

MEWPs for Managers eLearning Course

Who is it aimed at?

IPAFs MEWPs for Managers training course covers what managers need to know for safe and effective use of MEWPs on site. This includes planning the job, conducting a risk assessment, selecting the right equipment for optimum cost-efficiency and mitigating all possible risks. 

The course is suitable for all abilities and is open to those with no prior knowledge through to those who are very experienced.

What does the course entail?

This course is designed to be solely completed using the eLearning facility and can be completed on a laptop, PC or tablet device. The course takes from around six to eight hours to complete, depending on levels of knowledge and experience. The course is divided into manageable sections that candidates can complete at theirown pace. The training can be saved and resumed at any time. 

How to start eLearning training: 

  1. Contact us to register for the IPAF MEWPs for Managers eLearning training course. 
  2. We will send the candidate an email inviting them to begin their eLearning training. 
  3. At the end of the eLearning training, they will need to complete an online test. 
  4. Once the online test has been passed, contact us again to apply for their IPAF MEWPs for Managers certificate.

N.B. IPAF MEWPs for Managers eLearning programme utilises a sophisticated facial recognition system across online training and evaluation sessions to ensure your identity. This is to prevent any attempts to obtain the qualification through fraudulent means. Please ensure your device has a working camera facility. 

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Our courses include IPAF courses, Powered access training and PASMA training, 

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Why train when working at height?

  • It’s the law
  • Covered for legal & insurance purposes
  • Safer & easier way to work at height
  • Many sites require proof of training to allow contractors onsite
  • Training saves lives
  • Get your existing skills & experience recognised
  • Training is a small investment for a life-long gain
  • Improve your safety knowledge & competency

Training Saves Lives Video

Specialising in the hire and supply of vehicle mounted and tracked access hydraulic platforms within the North East, Warren Access is a family owned and controlled business, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, with over 50 years knowledge and experience of solving problems however awkward they may appear. 

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