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Types of Mobile Elevated Work Platform

January 23, 2020

If you’re not familiar with the industry, working at height can be a minefield. There's different types of equipment to choose from and lots of terminologies to learn. It’s essential to get it right, though as using the wrong access equipment increases risk and the likelihood of accidents, as well as making your job harder.

Types of MEWP

A Mobile Elevated Work Platform or MEWP for short provides a safe platform to complete work at height. There are two main types: boom and vertical and they can be mobile or static, with mobile meaning they are drivable when elevated, which saves time if you have a lot of work at height jobs to do in one location.

Vertical MEWPs

Vertical MEWPs provide vertical lift only; there are a few different types.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are identifiable from their distinct criss-cross, scissor-like mechanism; they can be diesel or electric. They provide simple, safe and quick access to height and are ideal for inside warehouses, with some more compact models able to pass through narrow passages and single doorways. There is a range to choose from – view ours here or train to be an operator with our IPAF training course, Category 3a Mobile Vertical.

Push around vertical (PAV)

PAVs are small MEWPs that need to be moved manually into position. They are ideal for indoor, low-level access work, such as inside a warehouse. Read more about our PAV Push Around Vertical IPAF course here.

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Boom lifts

Unlike vertical MEWPS, booms provide both horizontal and vertical reach. They can be both static and mobile, with static boom lifts mounted on vehicles or, for rough terrain and harder to reach locations, a tracked chassis. View our range of van-mounted, truck-mounted, and tracked boom platforms, which are all available for hire.

Self-propelled booms are mobile so able to move while elevated, making them ideal for sites with multiple jobs at height. They can be telescopic or articulated.

Articulated boom lifts

Commonly known as cherry pickers, articulated boom lifts have hinged sections that move independently of each other, making them suitable for working around awkward obstacles and in hard to reach places. Articulated boom lifts don’t need a lot of room to work, so are useful in small spaces, with some benefiting from zero tail swing, meaning no part of the boom extends past the sides of the chassis.     

Telescopic boom lifts

Telescopic booms have sections that extend telescopically, so slide inside of each other. They are very strong and stable but need plenty of space, so are suited to outdoor work where a long horizontal reach is required.

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