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The Freeman Hospital is an 800-bed tertiary referral center in High Heaton which delivers a wide range of advanced, patient-focused healthcare for Newcastle, the North East and beyond. The hospital is managed by the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is a teaching hospital for the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. 

The Freeman has a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its facilities, so when PF Burridgerequired access to some difficult area’s on the hospitals new ward, they knew they could rely on the experience and expertise of Warren Access to provide a solution!

The Difficulties

Access was required to a set of windows situated above a large canopy which over-hung the entrance to the building. These windows were problematic as the entrance road and access point for arriving ambulances which lay adjacent to the façade of the building could not be blocked or obstructed in anyway.

The second job was even more difficult as access was required to a set of third story windows in an open-aired internal courtyard. The windows were situated in the far corner of the courtyard above a very large glass conservatory. The size of the conservatory meant that a very large of outreach would be needed for the job.

On top of this, the courtyard was problematic in itself, as any machine big enough to provide the outreach needed was too big to fit the through the very limited number of access points that lead into the courtyard.

Once inside the courtyard the only appropriate space to set-up the machine was an outdoor seating area which was not only extremely small in size (as it was walled off) but was also only accessible through a 1m wide gate.

Our Solution

With such a complex job at hand, Warren Access completed a comprehensive and detailed site survey. After close liaison and many meetings with John Tremble at Burridge, a combination of machines were recommended for completing the work.

We recommended our 33m Ruthmann Steiger; perfect for the exterior windows due its staggering 21 meters outreach! The outreach meant that we were able to set-up the machine to the side of the front entrance ensuring that we did not block the entrance and any incoming traffic.

To obtain the outreach needed for the windows in the internal courtyard, a  Hinowa Lightlift 23.12 (23m Spider) was brought in especially for the job. Our solution to the restricted access and constraints of the courtyard was to use a crane to lift the Spider 25m up into the air, over the building and then lower it inside the courtyard.

In order to fit the machine into the walled seating area, Burridge had to remove not only the gate but also the brackets which even then left only a 10mm margin of space for the operator to fit the Hinowa through. Once inside the walled area setting up the machine required skill and precision as the footprint matched almost exactly with the size of the seating area (as pictured below).

The Results

This was a challenging job which required the use of two different machines to access two very difficult areas. The level of detail, amount of planning and operator skill required to execute such a difficult job was immense, but the results spoke for themselves. We were able to access all of the windows required for the refurbishments and Burridge were extremely happy with the access provided which was carried out with minimal to no additional disruption to the hospital.

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