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When the newly built extension of Eldon Square shopping centre completed its twelve months defect liability period, a company was needed to service and maintain the smoke ventilation system.

Airvent currently work alongside MB Air Systems and Inviron who already work at the centre maintaining other areas, but weren’t equipped to take on the new shopping centre. Airvent were asked to survey the installation and make any recommendations on how it could be serviced safely.

The Difficulties

Due to maximum ground and area pressures that need to be taken into consideration in such locations, it was soon apparent that most access platforms would be too heavy for the Blackett Bridge and the centre wouldn’t permit abseilers to access the roof space.

The travelling distance and route that the machine would have to take was also taken into consideration, due to the offloading position being several hundred metres away from the actual location. The only place to deliver, offload and distribute the platform was from Northumberland Street.

We were referred to Warren Access by Eldon Square regarding the MEWP that we eventually hired.

Our Solution

We were asked to complete a detailed site survey to discuss all areas that needed to be accessed. The main areas of concern for us were accessibility and the machine transportation and working area pressure loads.

Upon completion of a full survey, we recommended the 23m Teupen Spiderlift. This machine was manoeuvred from the offloading position on Northumberland Street into the shopping centre within a short space of time, was light enough to navigate across the Blackett Bridge.

A key benefit of this machine and in fact all Teupen Spiderlifts is that they can be powered directly from the mains supply. This meant there was no disruption waiting for batteries to recharge due to the transportation and distribution, therefore enabling the works to progress without interruption.

Client Testimonial

The access methods, delivery and timetable were planned carefully with the assistance from everyone at warren Access. They provided a seamless service visit which pleased everyone at how well and successful the whole operation had been undertaken.

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